birth injury

Pregnancy though is a complicated and very delicate process to deal with yet delivery is much more complex and delicate than that. It is a terrifying period for the mother not because she has to bear all the pain of giving birth to a human being but also because she remains concerned about various issues generally and about the health of the newcomer particularly.  Of the many problems related to delivery process, birth injury is the most common one. Many times the utmost care taken by the expecting mother and her family members end in a tragedy when injuries occur to the new born during birthing. Birth injuries are unfortunate yet avoidable if proper care is taken during pregnancy and specially delivery process.  Birth Injury Attorney is also helpful if his service is hired.

Common Birth Injury

Some serious yet avoidable common birth injuries are as follows

Bone breakage/ fractures

The most common type of birth injury that results due to the doctors and medical staff’s irresponsibility towards their duty during delivery is clavicle fracture or collarbone. Skull fracture and elbow injuries can also occur during the birth process. Several tests like x-rays and tomography can be used to determine a fracture and or other bone injuries.

Spinal cord injuries

This birth injury occurs to the spinal cord during delivery and results in paralysis, disability or death if damage is sever.

Forceps wounds

When the baby is in breech position, baby is big in size or the labor prolongs, doctors use forceps to deliver the baby. However many doctors do not use proper medical methods when using forceps and makes blunders like nerve or brain damage. Forceps usage is permissible only in special cases like incorrect position of baby in the birth canal or the mother having problem in pushing. It is therefore very risky to use forceps and special care is needed to be taken while using it. The infant’s skull is very vulnerable to forceps injuries. Facial nerve damage is another danger forceps use can put an infant into. The child could not keep control over his/her facial muscles.  Urinary tract infection and rectum injuries are other birth injury problems a mother faces if proper procedures are not used while using forceps.

Birth InjuryCerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is an injury in the brain (cerebrum) of the child that occurs during the delivery process. This damage results in lack of the child’s ability to control his physical movements.  It worsens as the child grows and has no known cure so for.  It can also occur due to birth trauma hence the mother needs to be really careful during her pregnancy period and be prepared mentally and physically for the delivery of the child.

Anoxic or mechanical injury

Another common birth injury is problem of supply of oxygen to the brain of infant during delivery called anoxic injury. Brain damage also occurs due to physical trauma during birth. This is called mechanical injury. Both injuries are avoidable if proper care is taken.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Also called as abusive head trauma, shaken baby syndrome is mostly associated with violence. However it can also occur due to bad handling or accidental falling. The baby’s head is very sensitive as it has no protection because of the plates that are not fused together. In addition to that, newborns’ neck is not strong enough to support the head. If the child is shaken dropped, hit or thrown, his neck rotates with force and the brain gets damaged. This birth injury is called shaken baby syndrome and can result in

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Vision or hearing problem
  • Mental retardation
  • Development issues

Other avoidable birth injury is Erb’s Palsy i.e. injury to the arms nerves that deprives the child to have control over the arm muscles and Cephalohematoma i.e. the deposition of blood between the skull and periosteum. Jaundice or skull fractures are the result of this problem. Extreme care therefore must be taken by every caretaker, doctors and nurses in handling newborn babies to prevent an innocent child from all the birth injuries.

Making Medical Personnel perform their duty better to avoid Birth Injury

However there is a forceful way available to make medical personnel take their responsibility serious and handle babies with the utmost care. Birth injury attorney is the person who can perform this task. Service of birth injury attorney is useful to the future parents as well because he can pressure the medical staff at hospitals to treat the newborns with full attention and tolerance. He can also protect you and your newborn from lifelong problems by compelling the doctors and medical staffs do their job with care as they fear court trials and penalties.