Birth of baby is a very complicated process and needed a lot of care and experienced treatment. There are several risks are associated with the birth process. Due to negligence of involved parties and some medical complications with respect to mother’s body, a newly born baby may face an injury or infection usually called the birth trauma or birth injury. The birth injury may be of several types and due to several causes. Factors having the risk of birth injury included the delayed and prolonged delivery, abnormal fetal attitude, asinclitismus, quick and rapid delivery, size of the baby, oxygen shortage, untrained labor, abnormal birth position, unskilled or inexpert doctor, baby position, breech presentation and several other issues.

A birth injury may cause a permanent disability and some time loss of your beloved baby. Several risk during, before and after birth time can be eliminated by making a wise choice about selection of hospital and a physician or medical expert because medical treatment by the staff of the medical center have great influence on the birth process. A proper care by these authorities can save your baby from a birth injury. Birth injury or a mishap can occur due to negligence of a doctor, nurse or labor, hospital or any other party involved in delivery case; it is briefly describe below how the above mentioned parties can make them responsible for an injury case with your baby:

Doctor/Physician and Birth Injury

The main party who is liable for an injury with your baby is the doctor because he takes the responsibility of delivery. It is the core responsibility of a doctor to give the necessary and special care to a delivery case as per the requirement of the complications of this case. If he/she fails to give the right standard of care to the patient with respect to the case the responsibility of resultant injury goes to him/her and he is legally liable for the compensation. As per the requirement of a delivery case the patient have to choose an expert and responsible physician in order to save from any mishap in future. In addition a doctor or physician can be considered liable or responsible for his any subordinate engaged with him in the same case.

Nurses and Birth Injury

The second party may involve in an infant injury case is the nurse. A nurse can be considered liable for an injury case independently due to her any negligent act. In case of not monitoring the patient carefully, irrelevant medication, not communication to the physician about the patient changing situation, or any other related act, she will be responsible for a negative result and she may be charged separately in the case.

Hospital and Birth Injury

Today, the medical field has been developed significantly, hospitals and medical center are providing a various outstanding services to their patient and also the upgraded services are being added to their curriculum. It is the responsibility of each hospital in a specific area to provide the best services to their patient as the other are providing. If a hospital does not provides the necessary facilities are per required in complicated cases such like a delivery case it will be considered corporate negligence. A hospital can be considered liable for any negligent act arises by its any member or equipment. Unavailability of a necessary facility or carelessness of any member the loss will become the corporate liability of hospital and a case can be suited against hospital.

As per suggestion make a wise choice among all the medical care and facilities provider around your area while you are going to select a hospital or doctor for the birth of your baby. Evaluate the level of success in past case as per same hospital or doctor and check the services like as nursery or other relevant environmental factors and then make the selection about right one. A careful a wise choice can save your beloved child from any defects or injury.