Fractured Clavicle or Collarbone

Birth of a baby is very complicated process for a mother as well as for the medical team. A little mistake or negligence may cause a birth injury. Occurring a birth injury is not mean the physician and other health care providers, nurses or hospital administration that cause these mistakes are not usually bad people, but due to lack of expertness or inattention, they allowed harm to come to a mother or baby. Common Type of ...

What A Birth Injury Attorney Can Do For Your Child?

There are so many types of birth injuries that may occur due to the carelessness of doctor, nurses or medial administration during delivery. These injuries can often be prevented with appropriate monitoring and an expert level medical treatment. Damage can occur due to the negligence of the medical team but also some time, the mother's medical history can include factors that make the pregnancy or delivery high-risk. A birth injury is very ...

How You Can Choose A Right Birth Injury Attorney?

Undoubtedly, the birth of a child is a time of joy and celebration, but the delight turns to devastation when a birth injury occurs due to medical mismanagement and makes the future of the baby uncertain. The parents of the young baby who feel that their beloved child's harm was the result of a mistake made by medical personnel should seek the immediate help of an experienced birth injury lawyer, ...

Birth Injury Claim

A claim is a legal demand or assertion by a claimant for compensation, payment, or reimbursement for a loss under a contract, or an injury due to negligence. Any negligence by a contractual party gives a right to the other party to ask for the compensation to the other party and the guilty party is bound to pay for the damages to the claimant. In case of any dispute or ...

Cerebral Palsy: An Injury That Can Cause Physical Disability

No-doubt it is the most excited moment in your life when you are becoming a father or mother for the first time. Surely, you want to see your first child safe and sound. Sometime this precious moment of your life may destroy if your child gets a birth injury. Certainly, it is very painful for you and your family. Any of birth injuries can be caused by a medical problem ...

How A Birth Injury Lawsuit Can Be Filed In The Court?

During birth process a baby may face a lot of problems or difficulties as it is very complicated and care needed process. If during delivery or woman’s pregnancy a health care professional you hired, fail to sufficiently assess or react to conditions and complications the result may be an injury to mother or baby. The most common birth injuries including skin irritations, soft tissue injuries, umbilical cord entrapment, bruising on ...

Important Factors to Make a Birth Injury Claim

Birth trauma or birth injury refers to damage of the tissues and organs of newly delivered or innate baby often as a result of physical pressure or trauma during birth having several negative effects on the life of your baby for future time period. Birth injury or birth trauma may occur due to medical negligence or clinical negligence. In-fact it is a very special moment for the whole family, especially ...

When You Need a Birth Injury Lawyer

During a birth even a minor negligence by the doctor, nurses, or hospital administration could be a disaster for your new born baby. A most precious happiness for parent may be scattered by the mismanagement of the involved authorities in birth process. You child may got a birth injury some time which resulted the permanent health problem or disability so, there is a lot of care is needed during a ...

Parties Responsible in a Birth Injury Charge

Birth of baby is a very complicated process and needed a lot of care and experienced treatment. There are several risks are associated with the birth process. Due to negligence of involved parties and some medical complications with respect to mother’s body, a newly born baby may face an injury or infection usually called the birth trauma or birth injury. The birth injury may be of several types and due ...

Birth Injuries and its Causes

Birth of a baby is the most precious and amazing moment in the life of a young married couple. Baby birth process is associated with various complications and risks. A baby may suffer several mechanical or systematical health risks during birth process and there is a lot of care is needed during the birth of a baby and must be sure everything should be well functioned. If during the birth ...

Birth Injury and Medical Costs Required – How It May Increase Your Debt Problems

In the birth process, the child may suffer from a physical injury and this injury is called birth trauma or birth injury. This injury usually takes place due to terrific pressure upon the baby when the baby passes through the birth canal. Some factors that can cause birth injury are “breech” delivery, premature birth, prolonged [...]

Child Birth Injury: A Worst Nightmare for Every Mother

Many babies are born each year with injuries which may be attributable to some type of trauma during the labor and delivery process. Some of the types of trauma a newborn may sustain during the birthing process are apparent at birth. Other types of trauma are not apparent until the baby ages and mature and [...]


A birth injury lawsuit may be appropriate when a child is injured during pregnancy, labor or delivery. The main consideration will be whether the injury was caused by someone’s negligence – usually a doctor or other health care provider. This type of injury lawsuit falls under the category of medical malpractice. Birth injuries may be [...]


If your child is victim of birth injury or suffering from any kind of birth injury because of negligence of doctors or medical staff, then you have a right to demand damages from the doctor, hospital, or healthcare worker with the help of a birth injury attorney. May be a general lawyer can also solve [...]


The most important and happy moment of a married couple is when they become a parent of sweet little baby. Every parent want to see their baby happy, healthy and active for which they do a lot of struggles in life. But unfortunately all the parents never got the healthy child. At the time when [...]


If your child has a birth injury because of the negligence of medical staff or doctors then it is your legal right to demand compensation from the hospital administration or board member. This step is so much important for every parent because if you don’t do this then these doctors make this mistake again and [...]

Legal Advice for Child Birth Negligence

A birth injury lawyer may be helpful when a newborn is harmed due to a doctor’s negligence during the birth. The injury may be temporary, but most cases involve serious injuries that last a lifetime, or even death. When a birth injury lawyer is obtained, a medical malpractice suit is often filed in order to [...]

Compensation for Birth Injuries

The growing cases of birth injury bring about the question whether parents should deal with such an issue by themselves or, contact a reputable medical negligence or birth injury attorney. Nowadays, child labor has become such a common medical intervention, that, more often than one might expect, doctors and nurses act on request of patients [...]

Birth Injury

While the birth of a child should be a happy, joyous occasion, parents must also recognize the risk that a birth injury could occur. In particular, with the great amount of pressure put on the child, it is not uncommon at all for that infant to suffer temporary injuries. However, as doctors assist in child-birth, [...]

Premature Baby in ICU

Every day there are millions of babies born all around the world and mothers of those babies are overjoyed as they begin their new journey of motherhood with their small bundle of joy. The birth of your baby should be a joyous moment. Unfortunately, this day can be marred by an act of negligence or [...]

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