New York Birth Injury Attorney

The importance of Birth Attorney today cannot be ignored keeping in view the common malpractices of doctors regarding infant handling.

Here we describe some of the Top New York Birth Injury Attorney whose services can be hired based on your needs.

John E. Fitzgerald

He is rated as one of the top New York birth injury attorney. The seventy years law expert has successfully dealt with many birth injury cases and got the child and his/her parents compensated and brought the hospital staff punishment for their wrong doings. He has more than 37 years of experience and has a law firm called Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald. This firm was established in 1971 and more than 25 expert attorneys are working at this firm. His other practice areas are accidents, wrong prescription, construction negligence, domestic abuse, security negligence and many more.  The office can be called at 800-323-9900 for appointment and consultation. More information is available at the website

Richard M. Kenny

Richard M. Kenny a very well reputed New York Birth Injury Attorney. He works with medical experts to understand the complex issues of cases. Once a case comes to him, he gets it reviewed by these medical experts so that he understand it thoroughly and identify if medical standards have been compromised on by the hospital to make the case stronger against the accused. Initial consultation is free of cost and appointment can be scheduled by calling at the office in New York. The phone number is 212-421-0300 or toll free number is 888-720-4529.

Andrew L. Weitz

An expert of personal injuries and Birth injuries, Andre L. Weitz works his best possible to identify options of recovery for the suffering parents and infant. He secures the injured child a future by getting the hospital responsible for the injuries compensate him/her. Mr. Weitz works with Andrew L. Weitz &C Associates and is Director of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. He also works as member of Zoning Board of Appeals, Roslyn, New York. Other areas of his practice include Litigation & Appeals, Personal Injury – Plaintiff, Medical Malpractice e.t.c. For details do visit his website

Mark L. Bodner

A New York birth Injury attorney who has extensive experience and very well understands the special issues and complexities involved in the law related to birth injury is Mark L. Bodner. Contact him today and you yourself will see how useful he is and what skills and experienced he is in his field.  Here is his complete contact information. Phone 212-486-3000, 888-BODNER-8, 888-263-6378, Address: 470 Park Ave S New York, NY 10016. More important information is available at

Jeffrey JShapiro

Jeffrey J. Shapiro is a Personal specialized New York Birth Injury Attorney. For more than 25 years he has fought for the victims of birth injury and other medical malpractice. He has been working in the field since 1979 and hence has a handful experience.   Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates is the law firm he owns. This firm is staffed with competent lawyers who have years of experience.  He can be reached at 212-3rd Ave, Suite 3005 New York, NY 10017 or contacted at 212-779-9100, 800-728-5478. His success stories and other useful information can be read about at

Eric Turkeywitz

Selected as one of the top 5% personal Injury attorney in New York in 2009-2010 by Super Lawyers Magzine, Mr. Turkewitz is a specialized birth injury attorney who is dedicated to helping injury victims get compensation for injuries caused to them. His experience is extended over more than 20 years. This New York birth injury attorney has earned name for his unmatched service to victims and has tried hundreds of medical personnel for their wrong deeds regarding birth injuries. The consultation at his firm is free of cost. All the required records are obtained, witnesses are talked to and experts of the medical field are consulted to identify if a strong suit case can be built or not. For serious cases the attorneys of the firm also travel to other places as well.

Detailed information can be obtained from the office located at 228 East 45th Street – 17th Floor, New York, NY 10017, and Phone: (212) 983-5900 or write to or visit