Birth trauma or birth injury refers to damage of the tissues and organs of newly delivered or innate baby often as a result of physical pressure or trauma during birth having several negative effects on the life of your baby for future time period. Birth injury or birth trauma may occur due to medical negligence or clinical negligence. In-fact it is a very special moment for the whole family, especially for the parents of the baby but may be scattered due just a little negligence. If things go wrong during the pregnancy or the birth, the effects can be devastating, some time loss of your beloved child.

Not only the baby as well as the mother of baby can also get the birth injury which result in life-long suffering to the mother and/or child as a result of medical negligence during labor and delivery. Brachial plexus injury/ erb’s palsy, brain injury, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, bruising and many other are the common types of birth injures. While a mother or baby suffers the birth injury there is a claim for personal injury compensation may be possible. At that time you may in need immediate representation & rehabilitation support. You can conduct to an experienced attorney who can make it possible to make an injury claim successful.

While you are going to take a decision about the making a birth injury claim against guilty party who is liable for that you should have to keep in mind some common factor which can make your claim successful. Generally, you can make a claim for several issues and complication relating to birth. Some of the most important among them are given as fallow:
• Forceps delivery or venous delivery errors
• Inadequate management of pre-eclampsia
• Incorrectly sutured episiotomy
• Undiagnosed disability or Down’s syndrome
• Brain or Nerve damage
• Neonatal death
• Anaesthetic issues
• Neonatal illnesses
• Shoulder dystocia
• Cerebral Palsy and birth asphyxia
• Damage to baby due to mismanaged labor or delivery
• Damage to baby due to failure to note a high risk pregnancy
• Erbs palsy or brachial plexus injuries
• Failure to detect abnormalities in foetus
• Failure to diagnose and treat an ectopic pregnancy
• Failure to recognize extent of vaginal tear

Issues related to birth are not limited up to above mentioned there are also several other issue which law understand/prescribed to be suit, you can set up a case for that claim. You can sue against a doctor, nurse or hospital management as per the circumstances.

Several solicitors and attorney are ready to help you for your case. One thing which will be considered in injury whether a suit can be filed against it or not is that was the injury avoidable or not? Was the standard of care high enough?’ and ‘ Did that specific action result in a birth injury? The case will liability will be decided on the base of above mentioned facts. After analyzing all the facts if you are on the right way than you have a right to proceed your case through a court to make a claim or compensation.