During birth process a baby may face a lot of problems or difficulties as it is very complicated and care needed process. If during delivery or woman’s pregnancy a health care professional you hired, fail to sufficiently assess or react to conditions and complications the result may be an injury to mother or baby. The most common birth injuries including skin irritations, soft tissue injuries, umbilical cord entrapment, bruising on the face or head, fractures to the arm, collar bone, or skull and many others.

There are a number of causes which may resulted the injuries during birth process failure to have neonatologist at delivery for resuscitation, improper epidural, delay in performing a necessary cesarean section, use of excessive force during delivery, oxygen deprivation, failure to take vital signs, giving the wrong drugs, general lack of proper medical care and many others.

You have a right for claim against the guilty party if your baby gets a birth injury during or after birth process in the hospital. You can go to a court or may contact to an experienced birth injury attorney to set a birth injury lawsuit against the culpable party. Before filing a lawsuit you have to consider some important factors which can help to process your case successfully.

First of all the way the lawsuit will be processed based upon the law of the state where your child is born because the rules and regulations regarding law may different from state to state. There are two type of courts where you can file a birth injury case; stat court and federal court. While you hire an attorney for your case he can decide it in a batter way that where case can get a batter position. While your child gets injury during birth and you decided to file a lawsuit against doctor or hospital management, you may have to contact an experience attorney with all necessary documents regarding like delivery case agreement copy, child medical record medication prescription papers and others.

Before hiring an attorney analyze critically everything regarding his qualification, experience, jurisdiction and cost. While you confirm all the things you signed an agreement with lawyer to lead your case. Lawyer after getting all necessary documents will prepare the file for your case and contact to court for filing the case. After filing the case the other party legal representative then will be notified.

After notification court will engage both parties for the discovery, during necessary information will be gathered by both sides and interrogations will be made. Mostly cases have been executed by making financial settlements. If the case is settled by making a financial claim it will be finalized and ended otherwise court will further continue interrogations of case and will give the final decision.

Punishment for this type of lawsuit depends upon the nature of injury and may be according to the law of the state. Although it is serious and most critical situation arises by the negligence of the party, even a loss of a life so guilty can be punished by imposing a heavy fine, imprisonment or both. Here, I would like to say that, it is necessary for the physician to handle a delivery case carefully by understanding its critical nature to save a life from any defect or injury.