Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are a trauma that many unfortunate parents and infants have to go through. Although there are many birth injuries and defects that are genetic, clinical negligence is also one of the biggest causes of birth injuries. Every year, many newborns are affected by clinical negligence on the part of doctors and nurses.

For all parents, pregnancy and birth is a joyous time and exceptional care of the mother and the baby is required. However, accidents can occur due to negligence or malpractice of doctors and this leaves the family in a shock that they may have to bear for the rest of their lives. Although many birth-injuries are treatable, there are cases in which the damage is irreparable. In some serious cases, death of the infant may also occur.

Injuries can happen during delivery and also after the birth has taken place. Some of the common birth-injuries to the infant are cerebral palsy, facial palsy, brachial plexus injury, umbilical cord complications, ruptured placenta, skin irritations, arm fractures, brain damage, eye infections and injuries, hypoglycaemia and spinal cord injuries. The mother can also have birth-injuries such as vaginal tears, fissures, incorrect suturing following an episiotomy and infections.

It can happen sometimes if an experienced doctor is not present to handle complications during birth. If the mother is handled improperly then there are many chances of birth-injuries. Sometimes complications are misdiagnosed and proper treatment is not given to the mother or the baby.

Many times, doctors or nurses may be in a rush or ill equipped to handle the birth process and this can lead to birth-injuries as well. Many birth-injuries are caused by insufficient flow of oxygen to the brain of the infant. This can happen if there are delays in the birth or the epidural is not administered properly.

Some birth-injuries can also take place weeks after the birth, if complications go undetected. There are many tests that all newborns are supposed to take before they are sent home and if your doctor misses any of these, then there can be a possibility of birth-injuries.

If you or your child has been a victim of clinical negligence leading to birth-injuries, then you can get compensation for your loss. You will have to hire a solicitor who can look into your case and do appropriate research that will help you in winning your case. Birth Injuries are often the result of Medical Negligence and you may be entitled to compensation. We are expert lawyers providing legal help and advice to people about Birth Injuries resulting from Medical Negligence in the UK.