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Birth injury is damage sustained during the birth process, usually occurring before, during or after transit through the birth canal. It includes blood accumulation, head or brain Injury, fracture or bone injury, perinatal asphyxia, nerve injury, skin injury and soft tissue injury.

Many newborns have minor injuries during birth, and most do not need treatment and the minor injuries disappear over weeks to months. But sometimes a new born may suffer a fatal birth injury due to the negligence and malpractice of a health care professional.

For example, traumatic injury sometimes can cause cerebral palsy. Under this circumstance, the baby’s family should contact a birth injury attorney to fight for their legal rights.

Why People Need Attorney in Birth Injury Cases

A new born may suffer a serious birth injury due to a mistake made by a negligent doctor or hospital. This can cause a lifetime disability. Under this circumstance, the baby’s family needs to fight for their legal rights and for the compensation.

But sometimes there are huge amounts of evidence in a serious birth injury case. An inexperienced attorney may have not enough skill and experience to handle both the medical and legal side of the case. So an experienced and specialized birth injury attorney is a very important factor to win the lawsuit case.

Compensation for Birth Injury

According to a Dallas-based law firm, in the United States the compensation of a birth injury legal case can reach 7.5 million US dollars before the reduction of the contingent fees and the litigation expenses. The reduction can be as much as half of the total compensation.

But every injury case is different and the results are dependent on the facts and the law which applies in the venue where the case is filed. Readers can visit the web sites of lawyers or law firms in this field to check the facts and the results.

How to Find a Top Birth Injury Attorney

There are several ways that can help a victim’s family find a good and experienced birth injury attorney:

  • Contact someone online who used lawyers for birth injury cases, and find who they used and what course of action they have taken and ask them about their experience.
  • Ask a personal attorney for a referral for a reputable attorney who handles birth injury legal cases.
  • Contact local or state Bar Association for a list of lawyers who handle this kind of cases.
  • Find legal assistance through local Legal Aid office if the victim’s family can not afford an attorney.

The victim’s family should consider two factors before finally hiring a lawyer: experience as an attorney in handling state or federal birth injury charges; successful cases in handling this kind of lawsuit.

Birth Injury Attorney Tips

For all the mothers in this world, birth of a child is the most beautiful experience. This is the most beautiful thing to bring a cute and a beautiful child in this world. Today, there are lots of parents from all over the world are experiencing child birth for the first time. But they don’t know that may be something happen with their child, mother or both. Undoubtedly, our medical facilities and technology is better than before but still there is a lot of risk involve during the delivery of child birth.

Most of the time lots of complications occur during the process of child birth. Because of these complications birth injury occurs in most cases. But the question arises why these complications occur? Absolutely these are the results of negligence of doctors or medical staff. So If you or your child has experienced any sort of injury during birth, consult a birth injury attorney. Because he is well aware from all these complications and he can easily solve all these problems.  Here are some tips that will surely help you to search for a birth injury attorney.

  1. First and the basic step to find a good and skilled birth injury attorney is to do your research. This sounds like it should be extremely quick, however it can easily turn into a complicated feat if you do not know what to search for.
  2. Only select an attorney who is professional and have a strong background in this field. Don’t waste your time finding a lawyer that deals with general injury. You need a birth injury attorney that specializes in birth injury.
  3. So, when you undergo your research, be sure to add particular key words. You always want to state the location and region where the incident happened. These small search tactics will guarantee that you are finding precisely what it is you happen to be researching for.
  4. Be certain to know how many cases they have under their belt, how many situations they have had that are similar to yours, precisely how many situations they have won, what are the precise areas that they are specialists in, how long have they been birth injury specialists and how much money have they gotten back for their clients.

Find a skilled and professional birth injury attorney that will get your needs met. Do not let these hospitals and insurance corporations get a hold on your wallet. You deserve the very best birth lawyer in your corner. The procedure of giving birth is painful enough. Don’t let the hospital put you through more discomfort. Get a birth injury attorney to represent your case.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are a trauma that many unfortunate parents and infants have to go through. Although there are many birth injuries and defects that are genetic, clinical negligence is also one of the biggest causes of birth injuries. Every year, many newborns are affected by clinical negligence on the part of doctors and nurses.

For all parents, pregnancy and birth is a joyous time and exceptional care of the mother and the baby is required. However, accidents can occur due to negligence or malpractice of doctors and this leaves the family in a shock that they may have to bear for the rest of their lives. Although many birth-injuries are treatable, there are cases in which the damage is irreparable. In some serious cases, death of the infant may also occur.

Injuries can happen during delivery and also after the birth has taken place. Some of the common birth-injuries to the infant are cerebral palsy, facial palsy, brachial plexus injury, umbilical cord complications, ruptured placenta, skin irritations, arm fractures, brain damage, eye infections and injuries, hypoglycaemia and spinal cord injuries. The mother can also have birth-injuries such as vaginal tears, fissures, incorrect suturing following an episiotomy and infections.

It can happen sometimes if an experienced doctor is not present to handle complications during birth. If the mother is handled improperly then there are many chances of birth-injuries. Sometimes complications are misdiagnosed and proper treatment is not given to the mother or the baby.

Many times, doctors or nurses may be in a rush or ill equipped to handle the birth process and this can lead to birth-injuries as well. Many birth-injuries are caused by insufficient flow of oxygen to the brain of the infant. This can happen if there are delays in the birth or the epidural is not administered properly.

Some birth-injuries can also take place weeks after the birth, if complications go undetected. There are many tests that all newborns are supposed to take before they are sent home and if your doctor misses any of these, then there can be a possibility of birth-injuries.

If you or your child has been a victim of clinical negligence leading to birth-injuries, then you can get compensation for your loss. You will have to hire a solicitor who can look into your case and do appropriate research that will help you in winning your case. Birth Injuries are often the result of Medical Negligence and you may be entitled to compensation. We are expert lawyers providing legal help and advice to people about Birth Injuries resulting from Medical Negligence in the UK.

Birth Injury Attorney

If you are seeking legal damages for a birth injury case, you should know the basic process for litigation. This article will outline the basic steps in litigation, but your birth injury attorney can clarify the process and apprise you of any differences in the process in the jurisdiction where the suit is filed.

After the defendants have been identified, your birth injury attorney will write up a complaint. It will describe facts supporting the action and how each cause of action is satisfied by the facts of the lawsuit. Your lawyer will also prepare a summons or formal notice to the defendant to appear in court.

Your birth injury attorney will file these documents with the trial court and pay the filing fee (which you’ll be billed for). Depending on the case, your attorney may file a “jury demand” stating that the plaintiff wants the case to be tried by a jury and legal damages assessed.

Defendants will be served with the complaint and summons by a process server, certified mail, or a registered agent for the business where he or she works. In the unlikely event that a defendant cannot be located, your birth injury attorney may ask the court to allow “substituted service,” which is posting the complaint at the defendant’s last known address as well as in a local newspaper.

Once the defendant answers the complaint, the next step in the process is discovery. This is the phase where each party can request documents and other evidence, using subpoenas if necessary. A birth injury attorney may ask for documents and depositions. Any relevant material except for privileged information can be involved in the discovery process.

Birth Injury AttorneyMost civil cases in America are settled after discovery. Usually, after discovery, both sides realize the relative strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case. If so, your birth injury attorney will try to reach a settlement to avoid the expense and risks of going to trial, and will try to get the plaintiff to agree to legal damages.

If there is no agreement after the discovery process, your birth injury attorney will request a pre-trial conference to be held before the trial judge. The pre-trial conference will hopefully speed up the disposition of your case by discouraging wasteful pre-trial actions, and will renew the possibility that the case will be settled out of court.

If, however, your case goes to trial, your birth injury attorney and the attorney for the defendants will present witnesses and submit evidence. At the end of all the arguments, a judge or a jury will consider the evidence and decide the case. Usually it is up to the plaintiff to produce enough evidence to persuade the judge or jury that his claim should prevail.

There is a reasonable chance that the trial may be terminated before going to a judge or jury. If your birth injury attorney can persuade the judge with legal argument and evidence that the defendants could not win and there is no sense continuing, the judge may end the trial. This is known as a motion for summary judgment.

After the trial, if your side wins, the court may order the defendants to pay legal damages to you. If the other side appeals the verdict, you won’t be allowed to collect any damages or take any actions until the appeal period is over. Your birth injury attorney will inform you on how much time the defendant has to file an appeal.

Birth  Injury Attorney - Medical Errors

In the past few years, The California Hospital and Medical Associations commissioned study on medical malpractice insurance. The study exposed disgusting results – that one out of every twenty patients who sought treatment in hospitals were injured because of medical mismanagement, and one out of every ten patients died as a result.

Similar, a study conducted by a team from Harvard in over fifty hospitals in New York revealed that of the 31,000 hospital records reviewed, nearly 8,000 showed evidence of possible medical injury. According to the Institute of Medicine, there are about 100,000 people die each year from medical misconduct errors. Here are some most common medical injuries, which occur because of doctors or staff negligence:

Birth Injuries

Complications in childbirth can cause injury or death to the baby, the mother, or both, especially when the attending doctor fails to deliver adequate care before or during the delivery. The inadequate care may be through failure to administer blood tests to detect abnormalities, failure to recognize the signs of fetal distress, failure to provide proper prenatal care, failure to recognize the signs of respiratory distress, failure to perform a Caesarian section where it was necessary, hastening the delivery process resulting in breech delivery and broken bones, or failure to properly care for a premature baby. The doctor’s negligence could result in the following:

  • Cerebral palsy (Permanent brain damage to the baby’s motor control centers in the brain) which is characterized by motor dysfunction, e.g. spasms and lack of muscular coordination
  • Erb’s palsy or brachial palsy injury to the nerves surrounding the baby’s shoulder when it is unable to come out of the birth canal, causing arm paralysis
  • Facial paralysis ( injury to the baby’s facial nerve, usually caused by forceps delivery)
  • Clavicle fracture (when the baby’s clavicle or collarbone breaks; usually happens in breech births)

Make sure to hire a Birth Injury Attorney to put a pressure on Medical Staff and safe your child.

Surgical Injuries

Many medical malpractice injuries happen in the operating room, usually because of poor pre-operative planning and care. Mistakes such as the improper or untimely administration of anesthesia, improper surgical technique, accidentally puncturing or cutting internal organs, operating on the wrong body part or the wrong patient, leaving surgical instruments or materials inside the body, and failing to diagnose and treat post-operative infections can result in the following:

  • Asphyxia (suffocation or the loss of oxygen to body parts)
  • Blindness
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Torn or punctured organs
  • Hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries – partial (hypoxic) or total (anoxic) lack of oxygen in the brain
  • Amputation
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Coma

Infections, Septicemia and Bleeding

Sterile conditions are critical during surgeries in order to prevent infection. Failure to maintain a sterile environment in surgeries has proven to cause infections and/or bleeding, sometimes with fatal results. Infections are also known to be caused during blood transfusions, particularly when the wrong blood type is given in emergency situations. Hospitals are required by law to have infection protocols, and to monitor surgery patients to avoid infections and excessive bleeding.

Misdiagnoses or Failure to Diagnose

There are cases when a person’s life depends on what the doctor does or does not do. It is the doctor’s responsibility to find out if there is something wrong with the patient, and what that is. To this end, the doctor must order medical tests and closely review the test results to help determine the patient’s illness. Wrong diagnosis or the failure to diagnose an illness can sometimes lead to serious diseases, chronic pain, or even death. Some of the most common undiagnosed illnesses are:

  • Cancer – breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer
  • brain tumors
  • Ischemia – the deprivation of oxygen to parts of the body
  • Pneumonia
  • Mesothelioma – a type of cancer affecting the abdomen, liver or heart, caused by exposure to asbestos dust
  • Asbestosis – lung disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles

The doctor’s negligence in examining and ordering tests to make a correct judgment on illnesses can also lead to misdiagnosis of:

  • Appendicitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Heart disease and other cardiac problems
  • Cervical cancer
  • Malignant melanomas and skin cancer

All of these above injuries occur because of incorrect dosages, prescription of the wrong medicine, incorrect combinations of medications and wrong prescription of medicine. As a result, a medicine instead of healing the patient, cause severe allergic reactions and sometimes death.

Birth Injury Lawsuit

Being as a parent, you never imagine that the time of your child birth which is the best time of your life may turn into a nightmare because of a medical malpractice and doctor’s negligence. If you or someone you know already suffering from this problem then there is a need to consult a skilled and professional birth injury attorney.

A birth injury attorney can easily handle all these situations and problems. He knows how to handle these issues in the right manner. Here are some of the following steps involved in this legal procedure.

1) Notification:

The first step is to notify the individual(s) responsible about your intention. This must be done with the help of a lawyer. The accused informs their medical malpractice insurer about the lawsuit and appoints a defense attorney to work on his/her behalf. After this, the legal professionals representing the complainant and the accused handle the matter.

2) Discovery:

Second step is to collect evidence. The victim’s side needs to give all medical and financial records as well as individual information to the other. An Independent Medical Examination, and in some cases an MRI, are done on the child. This is to hold your argues of the injury done to the child at the birth of your child.

3) Deposition:

Third step is to examine and cross-examination of individuals linked with the case. These include doctors, nurses, chemists, technicians, and all others who were involved in the delivery of the baby.

4) Negotiation:

There are so many cases in which a birth injury attorney tries for settlement among both the parties after the collection of the evidence. If this discussion reaches an appropriate agreement, there is no need to approach the court for a trial.

5) Trial:

If you are unable to get a fair and adequate settlement via negotiation, you need to go for for trial. At this phase, the birth injury attorney build ups the evidence and presents your side of the story at the court of law. He/she presents witnesses that bear the claim. Then the defense gets the chance to present their side. The jury reaches a decision after the end of the case.

It is essential to choose a best birth injury attorney because he knows all the complications and difficulties better than you. Knowledge about how birth injuries affect the newborn, and how these are connected to the error of the healthcare expert, are also compulsory for everyone.

birth injury

Pregnancy though is a complicated and very delicate process to deal with yet delivery is much more complex and delicate than that. It is a terrifying period for the mother not because she has to bear all the pain of giving birth to a human being but also because she remains concerned about various issues generally and about the health of the newcomer particularly.  Of the many problems related to delivery process, birth injury is the most common one. Many times the utmost care taken by the expecting mother and her family members end in a tragedy when injuries occur to the new born during birthing. Birth injuries are unfortunate yet avoidable if proper care is taken during pregnancy and specially delivery process.  Birth Injury Attorney is also helpful if his service is hired.

Common Birth Injury

Some serious yet avoidable common birth injuries are as follows

Bone breakage/ fractures

The most common type of birth injury that results due to the doctors and medical staff’s irresponsibility towards their duty during delivery is clavicle fracture or collarbone. Skull fracture and elbow injuries can also occur during the birth process. Several tests like x-rays and tomography can be used to determine a fracture and or other bone injuries.

Spinal cord injuries

This birth injury occurs to the spinal cord during delivery and results in paralysis, disability or death if damage is sever.

Forceps wounds

When the baby is in breech position, baby is big in size or the labor prolongs, doctors use forceps to deliver the baby. However many doctors do not use proper medical methods when using forceps and makes blunders like nerve or brain damage. Forceps usage is permissible only in special cases like incorrect position of baby in the birth canal or the mother having problem in pushing. It is therefore very risky to use forceps and special care is needed to be taken while using it. The infant’s skull is very vulnerable to forceps injuries. Facial nerve damage is another danger forceps use can put an infant into. The child could not keep control over his/her facial muscles.  Urinary tract infection and rectum injuries are other birth injury problems a mother faces if proper procedures are not used while using forceps.

Birth InjuryCerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is an injury in the brain (cerebrum) of the child that occurs during the delivery process. This damage results in lack of the child’s ability to control his physical movements.  It worsens as the child grows and has no known cure so for.  It can also occur due to birth trauma hence the mother needs to be really careful during her pregnancy period and be prepared mentally and physically for the delivery of the child.

Anoxic or mechanical injury

Another common birth injury is problem of supply of oxygen to the brain of infant during delivery called anoxic injury. Brain damage also occurs due to physical trauma during birth. This is called mechanical injury. Both injuries are avoidable if proper care is taken.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Also called as abusive head trauma, shaken baby syndrome is mostly associated with violence. However it can also occur due to bad handling or accidental falling. The baby’s head is very sensitive as it has no protection because of the plates that are not fused together. In addition to that, newborns’ neck is not strong enough to support the head. If the child is shaken dropped, hit or thrown, his neck rotates with force and the brain gets damaged. This birth injury is called shaken baby syndrome and can result in

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Vision or hearing problem
  • Mental retardation
  • Development issues

Other avoidable birth injury is Erb’s Palsy i.e. injury to the arms nerves that deprives the child to have control over the arm muscles and Cephalohematoma i.e. the deposition of blood between the skull and periosteum. Jaundice or skull fractures are the result of this problem. Extreme care therefore must be taken by every caretaker, doctors and nurses in handling newborn babies to prevent an innocent child from all the birth injuries.

Making Medical Personnel perform their duty better to avoid Birth Injury

However there is a forceful way available to make medical personnel take their responsibility serious and handle babies with the utmost care. Birth injury attorney is the person who can perform this task. Service of birth injury attorney is useful to the future parents as well because he can pressure the medical staff at hospitals to treat the newborns with full attention and tolerance. He can also protect you and your newborn from lifelong problems by compelling the doctors and medical staffs do their job with care as they fear court trials and penalties.

Birth Injury Attorney

If your child has a birth injury because of the negligence of medical staff or doctors then it is your legal right to demand compensation from the hospital administration or board member. This step is so much important for every parent because if you don’t do this then these doctors make this mistake again and again.

Being as a victim’s parent you don’t know about this field and also you are not familiar with the complexities of birth injuries. On the other hand, doctors without telling the reality of the cause of birth damage close the file. To face all these problems and difficulties you need a birth injury attorney who is well-versed in the laws regarding birth injury negligence claims.

Birth Injury AttorneyA birth injury can be very harmful for a newborn baby because newborn are so delicate and because of doctor’s negligence he/she has to suffer this pain throughout his/her life. The bones of a newborn baby can be easy broken if doctors treat carelessly or non-professionally. It is the duty of every doctor to take much care of a new born baby as compare to their regular patients because a little mistake can change the whole life of a baby. If your child has been the victim of such an injury, you deserve justice, and an experienced attorney can help you make a strong case.

To choose a right and a professional birth injury attorney you have to look at the previous record of an attorney. It will surely help out you to choose a skilled birth injury attorney. Most attorneys will display the types of cases they have handled in the past and how much compensation they have received for their clients.  Basically these statistics show the whole image of an attorney. You can easily determine which is better for you or not.

Speaking to family and friends about the law firm may also give insight as you look for the right attorney. Most birth injury attorneys also handle medical malpractice cases. Since many people have been the victims of medical malpractice, you may be able to find other people that have had experience with a particular law firm.

Take advantage of a free consultation before filing a law suit. Your gut instinct may tell you whether you trust a certain attorney with your case. Going through this type of  lawsuit requires the help of a sensitive attorney who will understand the pain you are going through and the causes and after effects of birth injuries.

New York Birth Injury Attorney

The importance of Birth Attorney today cannot be ignored keeping in view the common malpractices of doctors regarding infant handling.

Here we describe some of the Top New York Birth Injury Attorney whose services can be hired based on your needs.

John E. Fitzgerald

He is rated as one of the top New York birth injury attorney. The seventy years law expert has successfully dealt with many birth injury cases and got the child and his/her parents compensated and brought the hospital staff punishment for their wrong doings. He has more than 37 years of experience and has a law firm called Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald. This firm was established in 1971 and more than 25 expert attorneys are working at this firm. His other practice areas are accidents, wrong prescription, construction negligence, domestic abuse, security negligence and many more.  The office can be called at 800-323-9900 for appointment and consultation. More information is available at the website

Richard M. Kenny

Richard M. Kenny a very well reputed New York Birth Injury Attorney. He works with medical experts to understand the complex issues of cases. Once a case comes to him, he gets it reviewed by these medical experts so that he understand it thoroughly and identify if medical standards have been compromised on by the hospital to make the case stronger against the accused. Initial consultation is free of cost and appointment can be scheduled by calling at the office in New York. The phone number is 212-421-0300 or toll free number is 888-720-4529.

Andrew L. Weitz

An expert of personal injuries and Birth injuries, Andre L. Weitz works his best possible to identify options of recovery for the suffering parents and infant. He secures the injured child a future by getting the hospital responsible for the injuries compensate him/her. Mr. Weitz works with Andrew L. Weitz &C Associates and is Director of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. He also works as member of Zoning Board of Appeals, Roslyn, New York. Other areas of his practice include Litigation & Appeals, Personal Injury – Plaintiff, Medical Malpractice e.t.c. For details do visit his website

Mark L. Bodner

A New York birth Injury attorney who has extensive experience and very well understands the special issues and complexities involved in the law related to birth injury is Mark L. Bodner. Contact him today and you yourself will see how useful he is and what skills and experienced he is in his field.  Here is his complete contact information. Phone 212-486-3000, 888-BODNER-8, 888-263-6378, Address: 470 Park Ave S New York, NY 10016. More important information is available at

Jeffrey JShapiro

Jeffrey J. Shapiro is a Personal specialized New York Birth Injury Attorney. For more than 25 years he has fought for the victims of birth injury and other medical malpractice. He has been working in the field since 1979 and hence has a handful experience.   Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates is the law firm he owns. This firm is staffed with competent lawyers who have years of experience.  He can be reached at 212-3rd Ave, Suite 3005 New York, NY 10017 or contacted at 212-779-9100, 800-728-5478. His success stories and other useful information can be read about at

Eric Turkeywitz

Selected as one of the top 5% personal Injury attorney in New York in 2009-2010 by Super Lawyers Magzine, Mr. Turkewitz is a specialized birth injury attorney who is dedicated to helping injury victims get compensation for injuries caused to them. His experience is extended over more than 20 years. This New York birth injury attorney has earned name for his unmatched service to victims and has tried hundreds of medical personnel for their wrong deeds regarding birth injuries. The consultation at his firm is free of cost. All the required records are obtained, witnesses are talked to and experts of the medical field are consulted to identify if a strong suit case can be built or not. For serious cases the attorneys of the firm also travel to other places as well.

Detailed information can be obtained from the office located at 228 East 45th Street – 17th Floor, New York, NY 10017, and Phone: (212) 983-5900 or write to or visit

All expecting parents should think of the getting the service of birth Injury Attorney. Why? Here is the answer.

One of the happiest moments of parents’ life is the day; a child is born to them. This moment makes the parents forget everything; all sorrows and suffering of the past and they see the future bright with the arrival of their new guest. But in excitement many times they even the best care they want to give to their new child and hence risk their child’s health of injuries that could arise due to negligence of medical care during the delivery process. The long and pleasant future dreams scatter in a matter of seconds when the parents come to know of the trauma occurred to the child.

Negligent and malpractices in the medical field particularly during the delivery process are adverse but not rare. Such mishandling can drastically change the most desired and happy time of parents’ life to the saddest movement and a terrible future awaits them when they suffer with the agony of injuries or illness of their infant.

Birth Injury AttorneyWhat are the causes of Birth Injuries?

The causes of birth injuries are numerous but the doctors negligence or mishandling of the new born is the most common but preventable one. Another equally important cause is induction of hazardous drugs to the mother or child. Many times the doctors or the medical personnel take the delivery process light and display carless attitude towards it. The possibility of intentional careless attitude of the doctor cannot be ignored at this point as he can have his own interest in it or can do so at the directions of some other person.

This improper handling of the situation results from minor to serious and permanent disabilities like brain damages, paralysis, bone injuries, asphyxia and many other complications. In the worst cases, the physician’s irresponsible attire during the birthing process also leads to parents’ distress when they lose their child.

Most Common Birth Injuries

Infant Shoulder Injury During Birth

Infant Shoulder Injury During Birth

Some of the serious and common injuries that can arise during the birthing process are

  • Bone breakage/ fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Forceps wounds
  • Cerebral Palsy

Who can help and how?

If doctor’s non professionalism and mishandling or dangerous medication results in injuries or death of the infant, them the doctor is accountable and a birth injury attorney can help the parents in such situations. The attorney shows the parents options to deal with such issues and guides them on legal matters to pursue damages and get their legal rights. The parents have the legal right to take action against negligent doctors and the medical staffs who fail to give proper care to the mother and child during the birth process. The purpose of the lawyer is to get the parents of the injured child compensation, which is their right.

If the parents of a birth injured or deceased child want to have justice they need to hire a legal representative i.e. a birth injury attorney. He is a professional who helps the parents know real cause and level of severity of the birth injury. He meets with the doctors and gets detailed information on the issue of injuries. If he gets clues or proofs of the doctor or hospital staff’s negligence, he can take them to the court on the parents’ behalf, sue the guilty persons and gets the parents compensation from the hospital.

Birth Injury AttorneyBenefits of hiring a birth injury attorney

  • Birth injury attorneys are experts of their field and have knowledge of all the legal process and matters.
  • People with not medical background when try to deal with birth injury issues, they find it very difficult to get through the red taps of the legal system. The experts of the field understand the necessary steps and the whole system and hence can get you justice or your work done without wasting a lot of energy and money of yours.
  • Hiring attorney to deal with birth injury case provides the parents with the much-needed opportunity to focus on their child instead of going around, to understand complex medical terms. Hence they reduce the struggling parents stress.
  • It is generally difficult to convince the judge that a hospital facility made a blander that led to injury or death of the infant. A skilled, experienced and persuasive  attorney has the ability to convince the judge to believe that such shocking event took place and hence the guilty should be punished and sufferers be compensated.
  • Birth injuries can last a lifetime and parents definitely worry about the cost of dealing, caring and curing such injuries. The birth injury lawyer helps the distressed parents decide about the amount of compensation demanded for the child’s proper future.
  • Hiring a birth injury attorney is not only what one is doing the best for the child’s safety.  It is in fact a social service also. It makes the doctors and medical professionals carful about their responsibilities and they mend their ways to avoid the likely sue in court. Such changes bring safer and secure hospital facilities for parents to be.

How to hire a birth injury attorney?

The following steps need to be taken to hire a lawyer who will file suit against the malpractices of doctors and hospitals.

  • Some injuries are obvious but others develop as time passes. When anything wrong is noticed with the child, he/she should be taken to the child specialist immediately.
  • Look for birth injury lawyers to find a good match for your children’s case. There are attorneys with specialization in areas like shoulder injury, brain damages etc. in your area.
  • The defense attorney will investigate the claims and a negotiation of settlement will be carried out. If the offer is acceptable to you, the case will not be tried. If the offer is not accepted by you, the case will go to the court for trial.
  • Analyze the benefits of taking your case to court. If the case is lost, you will get nothing and pay the attorney a fee. But if you win, you will get much. So be careful in your analysis of the case.

Hire a birth injury lawyer to deal with the injury case of your infant and provide your injured child a secure future. Also contribute to the social well being of the society by helping reduce medical malpractices.

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