Birth Injury Attorney in US

Birth injury is damage sustained during the birth process, usually occurring before, during or after transit through the birth canal. It includes blood accumulation, head or brain Injury, fracture or bone injury, perinatal asphyxia, nerve injury, skin injury and soft tissue injury.

Many newborns have minor injuries during birth, and most do not need treatment and the minor injuries disappear over weeks to months. But sometimes a new born may suffer a fatal birth injury due to the negligence and malpractice of a health care professional.

For example, traumatic injury sometimes can cause cerebral palsy. Under this circumstance, the baby’s family should contact a birth injury attorney to fight for their legal rights.

Why People Need Attorney in Birth Injury Cases

A new born may suffer a serious birth injury due to a mistake made by a negligent doctor or hospital. This can cause a lifetime disability. Under this circumstance, the baby’s family needs to fight for their legal rights and for the compensation.

But sometimes there are huge amounts of evidence in a serious birth injury case. An inexperienced attorney may have not enough skill and experience to handle both the medical and legal side of the case. So an experienced and specialized birth injury attorney is a very important factor to win the lawsuit case.

Compensation for Birth Injury

According to a Dallas-based law firm, in the United States the compensation of a birth injury legal case can reach 7.5 million US dollars before the reduction of the contingent fees and the litigation expenses. The reduction can be as much as half of the total compensation.

But every injury case is different and the results are dependent on the facts and the law which applies in the venue where the case is filed. Readers can visit the web sites of lawyers or law firms in this field to check the facts and the results.

How to Find a Top Birth Injury Attorney

There are several ways that can help a victim’s family find a good and experienced birth injury attorney:

  • Contact someone online who used lawyers for birth injury cases, and find who they used and what course of action they have taken and ask them about their experience.
  • Ask a personal attorney for a referral for a reputable attorney who handles birth injury legal cases.
  • Contact local or state Bar Association for a list of lawyers who handle this kind of cases.
  • Find legal assistance through local Legal Aid office if the victim’s family can not afford an attorney.

The victim’s family should consider two factors before finally hiring a lawyer: experience as an attorney in handling state or federal birth injury charges; successful cases in handling this kind of lawsuit.