All expecting parents should think of the getting the service of birth Injury Attorney. Why? Here is the answer.

One of the happiest moments of parents’ life is the day; a child is born to them. This moment makes the parents forget everything; all sorrows and suffering of the past and they see the future bright with the arrival of their new guest. But in excitement many times they even the best care they want to give to their new child and hence risk their child’s health of injuries that could arise due to negligence of medical care during the delivery process. The long and pleasant future dreams scatter in a matter of seconds when the parents come to know of the trauma occurred to the child.

Negligent and malpractices in the medical field particularly during the delivery process are adverse but not rare. Such mishandling can drastically change the most desired and happy time of parents’ life to the saddest movement and a terrible future awaits them when they suffer with the agony of injuries or illness of their infant.

Birth Injury AttorneyWhat are the causes of Birth Injuries?

The causes of birth injuries are numerous but the doctors negligence or mishandling of the new born is the most common but preventable one. Another equally important cause is induction of hazardous drugs to the mother or child. Many times the doctors or the medical personnel take the delivery process light and display carless attitude towards it. The possibility of intentional careless attitude of the doctor cannot be ignored at this point as he can have his own interest in it or can do so at the directions of some other person.

This improper handling of the situation results from minor to serious and permanent disabilities like brain damages, paralysis, bone injuries, asphyxia and many other complications. In the worst cases, the physician’s irresponsible attire during the birthing process also leads to parents’ distress when they lose their child.

Most Common Birth Injuries

Infant Shoulder Injury During Birth

Infant Shoulder Injury During Birth

Some of the serious and common injuries that can arise during the birthing process are

  • Bone breakage/ fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Forceps wounds
  • Cerebral Palsy

Who can help and how?

If doctor’s non professionalism and mishandling or dangerous medication results in injuries or death of the infant, them the doctor is accountable and a birth injury attorney can help the parents in such situations. The attorney shows the parents options to deal with such issues and guides them on legal matters to pursue damages and get their legal rights. The parents have the legal right to take action against negligent doctors and the medical staffs who fail to give proper care to the mother and child during the birth process. The purpose of the lawyer is to get the parents of the injured child compensation, which is their right.

If the parents of a birth injured or deceased child want to have justice they need to hire a legal representative i.e. a birth injury attorney. He is a professional who helps the parents know real cause and level of severity of the birth injury. He meets with the doctors and gets detailed information on the issue of injuries. If he gets clues or proofs of the doctor or hospital staff’s negligence, he can take them to the court on the parents’ behalf, sue the guilty persons and gets the parents compensation from the hospital.

Birth Injury AttorneyBenefits of hiring a birth injury attorney

  • Birth injury attorneys are experts of their field and have knowledge of all the legal process and matters.
  • People with not medical background when try to deal with birth injury issues, they find it very difficult to get through the red taps of the legal system. The experts of the field understand the necessary steps and the whole system and hence can get you justice or your work done without wasting a lot of energy and money of yours.
  • Hiring attorney to deal with birth injury case provides the parents with the much-needed opportunity to focus on their child instead of going around, to understand complex medical terms. Hence they reduce the struggling parents stress.
  • It is generally difficult to convince the judge that a hospital facility made a blander that led to injury or death of the infant. A skilled, experienced and persuasive  attorney has the ability to convince the judge to believe that such shocking event took place and hence the guilty should be punished and sufferers be compensated.
  • Birth injuries can last a lifetime and parents definitely worry about the cost of dealing, caring and curing such injuries. The birth injury lawyer helps the distressed parents decide about the amount of compensation demanded for the child’s proper future.
  • Hiring a birth injury attorney is not only what one is doing the best for the child’s safety.  It is in fact a social service also. It makes the doctors and medical professionals carful about their responsibilities and they mend their ways to avoid the likely sue in court. Such changes bring safer and secure hospital facilities for parents to be.

How to hire a birth injury attorney?

The following steps need to be taken to hire a lawyer who will file suit against the malpractices of doctors and hospitals.

  • Some injuries are obvious but others develop as time passes. When anything wrong is noticed with the child, he/she should be taken to the child specialist immediately.
  • Look for birth injury lawyers to find a good match for your children’s case. There are attorneys with specialization in areas like shoulder injury, brain damages etc. in your area.
  • The defense attorney will investigate the claims and a negotiation of settlement will be carried out. If the offer is acceptable to you, the case will not be tried. If the offer is not accepted by you, the case will go to the court for trial.
  • Analyze the benefits of taking your case to court. If the case is lost, you will get nothing and pay the attorney a fee. But if you win, you will get much. So be careful in your analysis of the case.

Hire a birth injury lawyer to deal with the injury case of your infant and provide your injured child a secure future. Also contribute to the social well being of the society by helping reduce medical malpractices.