Birth Injury and Medical Costs Required – How It May Increase Your Debt Problems

In the birth process, the child may suffer from a physical injury and this injury is called birth trauma or birth injury. This injury usually takes place due to terrific pressure upon the baby when the baby passes through the birth canal. Some factors that can cause birth injury are “breech” delivery, premature birth, prolonged labor and irregular shape of the mother’s pelvis. Medical treatment is needed for such injuries that may happen to the baby. Thus, it requires lots of money due to which you may fall into debt problems. You may choose a debt management program to come out of your debt problems.

5 Common birth injuries that a baby may face during birth

If your baby suffered a serious injury due to negligence of the doctors and nurses, during or after delivery, you may contact a lawyer to file a case against them. The lawyer will help you get the right solution for your case but it is very important that your baby remains safe and secure. Have a look at the 5 common birth injuries that a baby may face during birth.

  1. Caput succedaneum – Caput succedaneum is a relentless swelling of the soft tissues of the baby’s scalp. This develops when the baby passes through the birth canal. The swelling generally vanishes in a few days. Some babies are delivered by vacuum extraction and, as such, are more liable to have this condition.
  2. Cephalohematoma – A part of bleeding between the bone and its fibrous covering is called Cephalohematoma. It appears several hours after the baby’s birth as a raised lump on the head of the baby. Most cephalohematomas take two weeks to three months to disappear completely depending on the size of the baby. Some babies may develop jaundice in case the area of bleeding is large as the red blood cells break down. Thus, the baby requires medical treatment quickly so that the baby can stay safe. Since the medical costs are high, you may get entrapped into debt problems. Thus, opt for a debt management program and do away with your debt problems.
  3. Subconjunctival hemorrhage – The small blood vessels that break down in the eyes of a baby is subconjunctival hemorrhage. Either one or both the eyes may have a red band around the iris. But, this does not cause any harm to the eyes. The redness of the eyes gets absorbed in a week to ten days.
  4. Facial paralysis – Before the birth of a child, the mother has to bear the labor pain and there appears a pressure on the face of the baby. This may injure the facial nerve. It may also happen with the usage of forceps for delivery. This injury is usually found when the baby cries. No movement is found on the side of the baby’s face with injury and the baby’s eye cannot be closed. The paralysis will get improved in a few weeks time in case the nerve was only bruised. But, if the nerve is torn, the baby will require doing surgery and for this you will need lots of money. Thus, you may fall into debt problems.
  5. Brachial palsy – When the brachial plexus gets injured, there occurs Brachial palsy. This is common when it is difficult to deliver the shoulder of the baby, known as shoulder dystocia. The baby is unable to flex and rotate the arm. Many cases of brachial palsy get solved in 24 hours or less than that and therapy is not essential for these cases. Nerve tearing may result in permanent damage of the nerve. Special exercises help to maintain the motion of the arm while healing takes place.

Thus, if your baby is having any of these birth injuries, do the necessary medical treatment and relieve your baby from the pain that he/she is facing. It is true that medical treatment requires lot of money and, as such, you may fall into debt problems. But it is much more important that your baby remains safe and secure after his/her birth.