Birth of a baby is the most precious and amazing moment in the life of a young married couple. Baby birth process is associated with various complications and risks. A baby may suffer several mechanical or systematical health risks during birth process and there is a lot of care is needed during the birth of a baby and must be sure everything should be well functioned. If during the birth process things did not go on their right way then the effects can be overwhelming and baby may undergo the serious problems or injury usually called the birth injury or birth trauma.

Birth Injury “or” Birth Trauma

A birth injury or birth trauma refers to the damage of the tissues and organs of a newly delivered child, usually as a result of physical pressure or trauma during the baby birth. A serious birth injury may put the life of your baby on severe risk. It can cause the broken bones, nerve injury or brain injury among other injuries. A brain injury or brain damage and head trauma during birth or delivery process can lead your infant toward number of serious conditions and may put your baby on disability risks. It might be injured your baby mechanically or systematically.

Types of Birth Injuries

There are several types of birth injuries but most common reported among them including subcutaneous hemorrhages, intradural bleedings, caput succedaneum, internal and external bleeding small subperiostal hemorrhages, haematomas of liver, infections and soft tissue damages, hemorrhages along the displacements of cranial bones and subcapsular usually effect your baby during birth process and can lead to the several type of damages. A birth trauma encompasses the permanent side effects of physical birth injuries. These side effects may include the ensuing compensatory and adaptive mechanisms and the development of pathological processes after a physical damage in your baby.

Causes of Birth Injuries

There are most numerous causes of injuries during birth may include the following:

  • Breech presentation
  • Forceps and vacuum extraction
  • Delayed and prolonged delivery
  • Caphalo-pelvic disproportion
  • Abnormal fetal attitude
  • Asinclitismus
  • The quick and rapid delivery
  • Acceleration and stimulation of the birth
  • Abnormal birth position
  • Obstetric turn
  • Size of the baby
  • Baby position
  • Untrained labor
  • Unskilled doctor
  • Oxygen shortage
  • Unavailablity of equipments

It is the wish of every couple to see their child happy, healthy and free form any medical defect, but this sweet dream of parents may be scattered due to negligence of doctor or labor. So, be wise while you are going to choose a medical expert and a hospital for the birth of your baby. A wise selection at this stage can save you from a number of risk and trouble during the birth of your baby.